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Sutekin is an exiled member of Brohouse. He first joined brohouse January 22, 2012.

Sutekin is currently, a penis.

Sutekin lives in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

Sutekin likes Malphite, driving Hebacheba to suicide, and stealing computers.

Life & BrohouseEdit

Sutekin was long e-friends with Hebacheba until Hebacheba moved to Missouri. He was brought in by Hebacheba for League of Idiots.

Due to lack of planning, Hebacheba could not find a job while there and this begun to frustrate Sutekin and his sister. Unable to find a bite, they pinned the blame on Hebacheba.

As the pressure mounted, Hebacheba was sent to a psyche ward for admitting his suicidal thoughts due to stress. Hebacheba then moved back to Pennslyvania, without shipping his computer. Sutekin and his sister then kept his computer, arguing that he owed them money.


Laughing at things even a child wouldn't find funny, Sutekin's laughter also causes great acoustic pain to the human ear. If he's not combing his greasy hair or doing shitty kick flips on his skateboard he spends his days smoking skunk weed and biting his sister's labia with his yellow teeth.

Weaknesses to AngerEdit

- To turn down his music

- His sister not pegging him

- Hebacheba

- Dying in League of Homos