Hebacheba is a member of Brohouse. He first joined brohouse March 18th, 2010.

Hebacheba currently has Bro status.

Hebacheba lives in Missouri with his recent roommate, Sutekin. Hebacheba likes Dota 2, art games, being poor, and his long hair. It is also believed that Hebacheba is deaf.

Life & BrohouseEdit

Not much is known about Hebacheba. He has a GED(?) and use to live in Pennslyvania. Hebacheba has a mother and a sister who he seems to not be fond of.

Hebacheba was known for a while by Matchface. Hebacheba was also a member of Ventrillo, before him and the admin got into a disagreement and he was banned. Brohouse embraced him with open arms a few years later.

Hebacheba regularly goes to Brohouse from time to time, but not every day, he usually needs to be called upon, while being lured with a game of Dota or LoL. Aside from his obvious genre preference, Hebacheba is known for playing anything else that could be a flavor of the month.

Hebacheba is famous for his never-ending battle with the ISP, Qwest (Now CenturyLink)


Hebacheba is possibly the calmest member at Brohouse. He is relaxed and has reasoning, but can get riled up if the time is right. Hebacheba is known to laugh hard at stupid things, because of the sake of it being stupid.

Hebacheba will try at least any game that is free and has a flexible taste for video games.

Weaknesses to AngerEdit

Hebacheba is hardly seen angry, but its always possible. Irrational thought and unneccessary complaining about something seems to give him an attitude.

- Irrational thought

- Dota 2