Blackburn7 is a member of Brohouse. He first joined brohouse September 13th, 2012.

He responds exclusively to "chris".

Blackburn7 currently has Bro status.

He currently resides in Macon, Missouri. He is studying a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Blackburn likes League of Losers, turning v-sync off and not thinking before talking.


Life & BrohouseEdit

Blackburn was found at school by Kavous. After exchanging phone numbas, Blackburn sent Kavous a text during class saying "Hey making any big plays over there?". It is unknown why Kavous continued contact with him after this red flag but here we are today. Blackburn is a worldclass marksman with his Springfield rifle, Fully automatic thompson sub-machine gun and his suppressed Heckler and Koch USP. Blackburn is known for shooting 2 inch groups at 500 yards.

Having both playing League of Morons, Kavous invited Blackburn to teamspeak to play.

Blackburn is a somewhat active member and is mostly on when Kavous is. How cute.


Blackburn was born with a disorder called not having a brain filter. Blackburn likes to speak before thinking and this actually gives hilarious results.

Blackburn likes to give up on things he can't figure out do to his undiagnosed ADHD.

When something is "funny" Blackburn also giggles like a small baby child girl that has been breathing helium.

Weaknesses to AngerEdit

- Making fun of his favorite LoL streamers

- Making fun of him at all

Blackburn is quite easy to get angry. Getting Blackburn angry is a ritual for new members of Brohouse.



"Making any big plays over there?"


"V-Sync slows down my computer."