Batman is a godless machine member of Brohouse. He was created joined Brohouse May 4th, 2012.

He currently has Batman status.

Batman is supposedly Spasman's apartment roommate, and has been for an undetermined amount of time. Batman likes to follow his dream as a DJ, replaying the same shit over and over, and fights crime occasionally (usually with his trusted Uzi that he stole).

Life & BrohouseEdit

Batman is a heir to a very successful company, Wayne Enterprises. His parent's were killed by a robber with a gun, and has sworn vengeance on all of crime.

But on his downtime, he likes to join Brohouse and spam shitty music nobody likes. His motive for this is unknown, but it's probably because he's part of the bastard club.

Batman is just about always on Brohouse (Idled for a record of 4 weeks), but sometimes he has to leave to make repairs fight crime and kill the Joker sometimes.

Members can suggest music to Batman, and usually he listens and will add it to list playlist.


Out on the streets, Batman is a beacon for justice and the fear of heart in all criminals. On Brohouse, he's spiteful and incredibly rude. Batman has not said a word to anyone, but his actions through his music are enough to tell his personality.

Batman does not like song requests to be played. He can take suggestions as to what to be added, but if you ask him to play it, he will completely avoid the song altogether. A watched pot never boils.

Weaknesses to AngerEdit

- Getting moved around too much

- Matchface, in general

- Power outages

- Slow internet

-Blue screens